Table of Contents

HB-101     Nature of Employment

HB-102     Employee Relations

HB-103     Equal Employment Opportunity

HB-104     Business Ethics and Conduct

HB-105     Hiring of Relatives

HB-106     Employee Medical Examinations

HB-107     Immigration Law Compliance

HB-108     Conflicts of Interest

HB-110     Outside Employment

HB-112     Non-Disclosure

HB-114     Disability Accommodation

HB-116     Job Posting

HB-201     Employment Categories

HB-202     Access to Personnel Files

HB-203     Employment Reference Checks

HB-204     Personnel Data Changes

HB-205     Introductory Period

HB-208     Employment Applications

HB-209     Performance Evaluation

HB-210     Job Descriptions

HB-212     Salary Administration

HB-214     Medical Information Privacy

HB-216     Social Security Number Privacy

HB-306     Workers' Compensation Insurance

HB-401     Timekeeping

HB-403     Paydays

HB-405     Employment Termination

HB-408     Pay Advance

HB-408F  Pay Advance Request Form

HB-409     Administrative Pay Corrections

HB-410     Pay Deductions and Setoffs

Employees Handbook

Established in 1955