Established in 1955

Firefighter’s put their Talents to work for a Great Cause

October 9, 2015

Happening Now

The department held its annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet on December 14th.  The event recognized the contributions of their members and celebrated 63 years of community service.

Our 2018 Firefighter of the Year was awarded to Firefighter Deitren Jackson, and Assistant Chief Damien Locklear received the 2018 Fire Officer of the Year Award. Both Chief Locklear and Firefighter Jackson exceeded the requirements expected of their positions and showed a distinct pattern of community service and professional achievements.

The Leo Savage award for Excellence was awarded to Firefighter Jacob Hawkins. This award is designed to acknowledge and express apperception for outstanding accomplishments, to both themselves and the department.

Several members received recognition for their years of service, Dean DeMark and Sean Seever were both recognized for their 15 years of services. Lee Newcomb and Captain Geoff Kieser were recongnized for their 10 years of service. Jacob Hawkins and Micah Williams were both recognized for their 5 years of service.   

All these individuals exemplify the character, commitment, and compassion that are hallmarks of the firefighter profession.

There were over 100 past and present firefighters along with family and friends in attendance.

Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards Banquet

December 14, 2018

Recently, a few of our firefighters put their talents outside of firefighting to work for a great cause. In July Firefighter Morgan Robinson approached the membership with a special project for a local charity. The 2nd annual KidsPeace Chair-ity Auction. The Annual Chair-ity Auction helps support local children's fund in Fayetteville, N.C.  Wooden chairs are redesigned/painted by local artist/organizations. The chairs are then posted online for voting, and the top 20 chairs are then auctioned off during a silent and live auction.

With help from firefighters, Sean Gallagher, Marcos Mata, and Courtney Knutson the team transformed the old wooden chair into a BEAUTIFUL work of art with a firefighting theme, making it ready for the voting to begin. After the results of the voting the chair was ready for auction on October 1st at the Marquis Market downtown.

The chair was auctioned off and brought in over $200.00 The couple who bought the chair gave it to a widow of a firefighter who was killed in the line of duty. The couple also arranged for here to come to Fayetteville and meet the firefighter’s responsible for this work of art.

The final destination for the chair will be in Detroit, in the  little girl's bedroom pictured here to honor her father.

Cumberland Road Fire Firefighters assist with fires in western N.C.

January 4, 2017

On November 14, 2016 The Cumberland Road Fire Department deployed a brush truck with Chief Kenneth Hall and Firefighter Ethan Johnson to Lake Lure, North Carolina to assist with the Party Rock wild land fire. After arriving, the crew was tasked with standing by for fire protection in at- risk areas at the time. The crew returned to their base camp to get a good night’s rest before they began operations for the rest of the week. The next day the crew was assigned to strike team 13 which consisted of crews from Puppy Creek Fire Department, Midway Fire Department, along with a crew from Durham Highway Fire Department. During their first operational period, the strike team performed mitigation work the first half of the day and standing by for a back burn the second half. Over the course of the next week, the crew was assigned to multiple tasks including back burning to protect unaffected areas, working behind initial crews performing “mop up” operations of hot spots and spot fires as well as other assigned tasks working diligently in 12 hours shifts.

 During the deployment, there were lessons learned and new friends made; skills honed and endurance tested.   It’s not every day that you get to load up in a two person brush truck with nothing but clothes, sleeping bags and equipment; and go to the mountains for a week. There is nothing like being in the woods for a week to realize that structural firefighting is not the only part of this job.       

-Firefighter Ethan Johnson

December 13, 2015
Cumberland Road Fire Department will celebrate its 60th anniversary December 13. Cumberland Road Fire Department is the second oldest volunteer fire department in the county. It was organized in December 1955, a few months after Pearce's Mill Fire Department.